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Vermont Country Store Chocolate Liqueurs Review!

I have always wanted to try chocolate liqueurs. I am not a big drinker, but I am a huge chocoholic and I really wanted to try something new. The Vermont Country Store not only has great chocolate liqueurs, but everything from food and candy to clothing and beauty.

The Vermont Country Store opened in 1946 and is today owned by 7th and 8th generation Vermonters. They have a… Continue reading

Yves Rocher Culture Bio with Organic Aloe Vera Review!

Like I have said before, I love Yves Rocher! They are one of my favorite skin care and cosmetic companies that I have bought from for many years! I was ecstatic when they allowed me to review their new Culture Bio with Organic Aloe Vera Line!

The New Culture Bio line is made with organic lovers in mind. Released in Feb. 2013, this new line as… Continue reading

Yves Rocher Anti-Age Global Review!

I have been buying from Yves Rocher for years now! They have a great variety of skin care and cosmetic products that are just simply divine! I am so excited to bring you one of many reviews I have from the Yves Rocher new products that are coming out this year!

Yves Rocher Anti-Age Global line just released in Feb of 2013. This amazing line uses a new generation of Plant Source Cells to bring you a clinically… Continue reading

Painted Earth Cosmetics and Skin Care Review!

Cosmetics is my best friend. I just can not have enough of it! Skin care, body care, make up – I am an addict. They really need to have AA meetings for gals like us! Of course, Painted Earth did not help my addiction, they added to it! Painted Earth Skin Care and Cosmetics products were absolutely fabulous! I am addicted to just about everything that I had… Continue reading

Personal Microderm System Review!

Microdermabrasion seems to be the it thing when getting younger, better looking skin. I hear people raving about it all the time in television and the news. That is why when I heard I would be getting to review the PMD, or Personal Microderm System, I was nothing but excited to try this!

PMD is a system much like the ones doctors use in their office! The only difference is… Continue reading

Flirty Aprons Review!

I love always looking cute and sassy where ever I am at! So of course I have to carry that into the kitchen as well! I love the idea of Flirty Aprons! They have the most wonderful cute and flirty aprons for you to look adorable in the kitchen! Whether you are whipping up a 5 course meal or reheating left overs, you will look absolutely darling in these aprons!

One thing I really loved about… Continue reading

Shoplet BIC Review

Being a college student I am always buying school supplies! Pens, paper, spirals, binders – anything and everything. Also working in an elementary school doesn’t help but add to all of the office supplies I need just to make it through a week! My students are always asking to borrow things from me and somehow they always end up “magically” disappearing. I wonder how? That is why when I had the chance to… Continue reading

Zuvo Water Filter Review

We drink a lot of water in our house. I am not a big fan of sodas or sugary drinks and since I buy the groceries for our house, we rarely have any in our refrigerator. I was very excited to get the chance to review the Zuvo water filtration system! A way to get great tasting water, save me money from buying bottled water, and helping the environment? Count me in!

How… Continue reading

Smashbox Makeup Product Review!

Are you a fashionista for high-end makeup? Smashbox is like the epitome of high-end makeup! Their make up is so luxurious and like nothing I have ever tried before! (Of course, I usually use drug store brand makeup)

Smashbox generously sent me a few of their products to review and I can tell you, these products will be a staple for me from now on! The products that I had the chance to… Continue reading

Nutrisystem Week 4 Results!

Week 4 on the Nutrisystem was definitely bitter-sweet. The bitter part being that the diet is over and I am officially done with this amazing review. I also will not be able to enjoy these foods or keep loosing weight from the diet anymore. On a brighter note, my official weight loss for the 1 month being on the Nutrisystem diet is 10.5lbs! Whoo-hoo! I am so happy that I was able to… Continue reading

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