Preschool Healthy Train Party Featuring Nestle Lil’ Beanies

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All aboard the Healthy Food Train!

As a preschool teacher, I try to make learning for my little three year olds as fun as I possibly can. Since we were learning about trains in our lesson plan this week, I thought about the best way I could incorporate that into our health and physical development activity for the week. Being as creative as I possibly could, I decided to throw a Healthy Train party which included several healthy options such as fruit, veggies, cheese and the New Nestle Lil’ Beanies!

After discussing different healthy foods and sorting out pretend foods, it was time for our Healthy Train to arrive! We all gathered around the table which had train tracks along the middle. I created a DIY Train out of construction paper and oatmeal canister and attached bowls full of healthy food with yarn. I filled the bowls with healthy foods and Nestle Lil’ Beanies and allowed the children to serve them selves using their fine motor skills. The children loved it, especially the Lil’ Beanies! They asked for seconds and even thirds!

Nestle Lil’ Beanies are ideal for 18-48 mos. olds who love to snack. What’s great is that these “beanies” which remind me of puffs are actuallty very healthy for the kiddos. They have 2g or protein and 1g of fiber per serving which come from the navy beans which these are made of. They have no GMOs, preservatives, or artificial colors/flavors.

What I also loved about these Lil’ Beanies were that they are simple, packable and mess-free. This is great for little ones at this age! My preschoolers loved both flavors, White Cheddar & Broccoli and Original (Sea Salt).

You can find the Nestle Lil’ Beanies at a Walmart near you for a low price of only $1.86 per canister! Have your tried out the Nestle Lil’ Beanies yet? What were your thoughts?

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