Share The Furry Joy This Holiday Season With World Market!

Disclaimer: I was given gift cards to facilitate this post. Regardless all opinions are my own and may differ from yours!


The holidays are all about giving. What better way to celebrate the holidays by giving to those in need? While World Market has some amazing Holiday Gift Baskets and unique Holiday Entertaining items, World Market and I have teamed up to “Share the Joy” this holiday season to a cause that really hits home for me, the Humane Society of North Texas.

As you already know, I am a huge animal advocate. I am always looking for a way to help animals, even if it’s as small as sharing a social media post. I have two pups of my own that are basically my children and I couldn’t imagine my life with out them. As an animal lover, it is tough to see a lot of animal rescues and shelters in my area suffering from the over flow of pets. This time of year is especially rough! As the winter months kick in, shelters and rescues seem to run low on many resources. That’s why I am so grateful to be apart of the “Share the Joy” campaign to be able to donate some great products from the pet product line and other products from World Market to our local Humane Society shelter!


Upon the arrival of my donation drop of my heart was sinking. As I was grabbing the big tub of ceramic doggy bowls and pet beds from World Market out of my trunk, I saw this family of three bringing in a small, elderly dachshund wrapped tight with a puppy blanket around him. I instantly knew they would be surrendering the poor baby over to the Humane Society from seeing the tears running down their face.


As I was sitting next to them in the waiting area listening to the grandmother speak words of comfort to the mother who was tightly holding him, I desperately wanted to reach out and take that sweet baby home. Did you know only 30% of dogs in homes come from shelters or rescues? The only thing stopping me was the thought of what my husband might think after I brought another dog home.


It did however give me great comfort when the shelter manager came out to greet me and thank me for the donations. Some of the great pet products I was able to donate were the Ceramic Dog BowlsMink Faux Fur Bed, Leopard Faux Fur Bed, and the Dinosaur Knit Dog Sweater. Although the bath towels and blankets weren’t considered “pet products”, the shelter has very high demand for these, especially with winter coming. The workers really appreciated these the most!

As I put all these wonderful goodies into the large donation tub which was holding only one cat bed, I knew the World Market products would be put to good use. In fact, one of the workers came and instantly took the 4 ceramic dog bowls to the back saying how they could really use these. Then, as I was talking with the shelter manager, she grabbed one of the dog beds right out of the bin while stating how they had a mama dog that just had babies yesterday and could really use it! Thank you so much World Market for allowing us to Share The Joy with these fur babies!


(This is Jaslyn, 9 mos old Shepard mix. Her ID number is 28566236. Please call 817.332.HSNT if you are interested in adopting her! )

As humbled as I was being able to give some of these wonderful products to an organization in desperate need, I couldn’t shake the thought of these poor pups in dying need of a home. If you are in the DFW, Texas area and looking to expand your family with a fur baby, please keep the Humane Shelter North Texas in mind before you shop. These cuties are waiting for their forever home!

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World Market is also holding a sweepstakes in honor of sharing the joy with charities and others in need. Enter the Share the Joy Sweepstakes for your chance to win 1 of 4 grand prizes which each includes a $2,000 World Market gift card for you and $2,000 for a Charity of your choice (charity must be U.S. 5013c non-profit organization). CLICK HERE to enter!

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