Spring Time Water Fun with Barbie Pearl Princess Doll & DVD!


Spring is here and the warm weather is fast approaching! Here in Texas I can feel it just around the corner. However, even though it is so close, it is still some time away before we can bust out our swimsuits and goggles for water fun at the pool. However with the new Barbie the Pearl Princess Doll and DVD you can bring all the water fun indoors for some real under the sea fun!

The newest Barbie to hit stores is an adorable underwater sea princess. She is gorgeous, colorful and has mystical pearl magic! Check out our review of both the newest mermaid doll and DVD below!

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Barbie the Pearl Princess doll is unique, beautiful and perfect for water fun in the tub this spring. What makes this doll really unique is that she transforms from mermaid to princess with the touch of her magical pearl necklace! When your little one wants to play with her outside the tub, she has a gorgeous turquoise mermaid outfit. When you want to play with her in the sink or tub, simply press her pearl necklace and her outfit flips down to reveal a beautiful princess mermaid tail! Also, her hair brush fits right in under her tail when you aren’t playing with her, such a great storage idea! As a parent, I can’t tell you how hard it is to keep up with every single doll accessory.

Another great feature is that Barbie’s hair changes colors when wet! When dry, her hair has pretty pink streaks. When she is in the water, those pink streaks wash away to show a crisp blonde Barbie!


My step daughter is all about tub toys, so having a Barbie doll she can actually bring in the tub was the greatest thing ever to her. Once summer comes around, I know we will be bringing this doll to the pool all the time!  Barbie the Pearl Princess also dries really fast compared to other babies and toys made for water fun, so as a parent I enjoyed that.

Now that we had tons of fun playing with this adorable mermaid princess, it was time to watch the story that goes along with her!


Barbie the Pearl Princess DVD, also available on Blu-ray, is a great story that your child will love. It is filled with so many adventures, silly moments and twists that will keep your little one watching again and again.

In the movie Barbie, Lumina, dreams of being a princess all her life and doesn’t know the huge secret her aunt has kept from her. When General Caligo, the villain, talks Lumina’s aunt Scylla into to poisoning the King in order to put his own son on the throne, the story begins. Lumina soon finds her aunt’s invitation to the royal ball that her aunt left behind, she heads out after her aunt to seek the royal kingdom as well. Along the way her best friend Kuda, a pink seahorse, and Lumina make new friends. After many adventures, Lumina enters the kingdom where her pearl magic lands her a job at a beauty salon, where she will style ladies who are attending the kingdom’s royal ball. Since the entire staff of the beauty salon is also invited, Lumina attends the royal ball as well.  At the ball Lumina’s aunt reappears, but her participation in the General’s plan starts to unravel. Fergis, the son of Caligo, shows his mettle by helping Lumina and her friends defeat his father the General Caligo and save the day.

In the end, Lumina learns that she is truly the Pearl Princess and her aunt is punished for her actions, past and present. Fergis is free to follow his own calling and pursue the girl of his dreams, one of Lumina’s salon friends.

My step daughter watched it a total of 8-9 times this weekend alone! This movie is also a good length at 1hr and 14min long so you are sure to pack in tons of fun and adventure! SPOLIER ALERT– at the end, the aunt does get poisoned, but is revived and lives. However for a toddler or young one, it may be a bit scary for them. Check out this exclusive clip from the movie below!

What do you think of the new Barbie the Pearl Princess?

2 Responses to Spring Time Water Fun with Barbie Pearl Princess Doll & DVD!

  • My four year old granddaughter loves Barbie….pretty much anything and everything Barbie. She also likes mermaids! I’m going to keep my eye out for this DVD next time I’m at Walmart. Thanks 🙂

  • We just bought this DVD but I missed out in the doll! I’m going to have to get one. We loved the movie. Well, my 8 yr old did and I usually like the Barbie movies as well lol

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