Famosa Nenuco Bath Time Baby Doll is Perfect for Bath Time Fun!


Bath time isn’t always fun for little ones. I know that sometimes my step daughter doesn’t like to take baths. They are tedious and she would much rather be playing on the iPad then be in the tub getting squeaky clean. However, with the new Famosa Nenuco Bath Time doll, she wants to take a bath almost every other hour!

When we first received the doll, she literally couldn’t wait to play with her in the tub! Almost every 20min I would hear, “Can I take a bath now?” even though she took one just that morning. Now any time it is bath time, we just simply reach for this doll and bath set and there is no fuss!

bath time

The Famosa Nenuco Bath Time Doll Set (ages 3+) comes with a soft and smooth bath time baby doll, 3 bath toys that squirt water, and a floating inner tube.

My favorite thing as a step mom is that the doll is made of fast drying material so you aren’t waiting for her to dry out for hours before putting her away in your child’s toy chest. My step daughter’s favorite thing about the doll is that she is super soft! She is all about the silicone “life like” dolls, so anything that resembles that is A+ in her book! Plus, the fact that this doll also comes with bath toys to play with is awesome too. She has tons of fun in the bath with the doll play set! One thing we had trouble with is getting her to sit in the tube by herself without falling over backwards or forwards, by my step daughter soon figured out how to do that in about 5-10min.


The Famosa Nenuco Bath Time Doll set is available at Toys “R” Us and Amazon for $24.99! What do you think of this bath time fun toy?

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  • oh wow , she is just too cute 🙂 love that she has her own little float to sit in and little floaty toys 🙂 how cute.. great review and thanks for share

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