Sandgrens Clogs Review!


Christmas is right around the corner! If you haven’t thought of gifts for those fashonistas in your life, I have the perfect one! Introducing Sandgrens clog boots – beautiful, stylish and best of all, unique!

When I first saw the Sandgrens clogs website, my first thought was clogs? Who wears those anymore? Then, I saw them. These incredibly irresistible and stylish shoes. I fell in love at first sight. These shoes were much more than clogs, they were the perfect accessory to my fall and winter wardrobe!

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The Sandgrens shoes that I had the privilege to review were the Philly in black. The Philly Clog Ankle Boot ($269) comes in many other colors such as grey, 2 different maroons, 3 different browns, blue and khaki. Of course, I wanted something neutral that I could wear all year long. I know- I am such a risktaker. 😛

Besides the fact that this shoe comes in every possible color for your needs, this shoe has many other stylish features. First of all I want to point out the height. These boots are ankle booties, so they will go with practically every piece of wardrobe you have! I love wearing them with leggings and an oversize sweater, but they also go great with skinny jeans and skirts as well! The Philly Clog Boot also features a removable buckle. Now to me, his buckle makes the bootie. However, if you have a day where you just aren’t liking the look of the buckle with your outfit, it is so easy to take off and put back on when you want to. The Philly Clog Boot is also made out of soft Horween Nubuc leather which makes them very comfortable! I have worn these to school, walking 3-4 hours through a museum and even to an University of Texas football game and they were very comfortable to wear. Of course, if you have never worn clog boots before, you may need to get used to them since they are a bit different than other boots with soft insoles.

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The unique thing about the Sandgrens’ Philly Clog Boots, like all of Sandgrens’ shoes, is the wooden soul and bottom of the boot. Sandgrens’ Philly clog boots have a medium-heel Swedish Alder wood base which really makes them stand out from any other boot I own or see here in Texas! I am constantly getting complements on these boots, especially on their wooden base. Another feature of these boots that make them standout in my wardrobe are the brass nailheads along the bottom. This look is so trendy and really makes the shoe!

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These shoes would make a perfect gift for the holiday season for any fashionista or shoe junkie. When ordering, be sure to check your shoe size as they do run a bit snug. Especially if the person you are looking to buy for wears thick boot socks, you will want to wear a size up.

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Also, look out for a HUGE, Black Friday sale! A large portion of the clogs and boots will be on sale from Nov. 29th until Dec. 2nd. Mark your calendars now so you don’t miss out, I am sure it will be first come, first serve like most Black Friday sales are and you won’t want to miss out getting your favorite shoe in your size!

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