Garfield Show: A Purr-fect Life! Review



Anybody else remember growing up watching Garfield? I used to watch him all the time on Saturday morning cartoons. I was so excited to be able to review and share the Garfield Show: A Purr-fect Life with my stepdaughter. She likes Garfield too, so we had a blast watching together!

Black-CatThe Garfield Show: A Purr-fect Life is a collection of 6 different episodes that take you into the perfect life of Garfield the cat. From the famous lasagna Garfield loves so much to the cutest Odie puppy, these episodes are sure to keep you laughing! With out giving to much away, Garfield takes you on a whirlwind experience from partying with his mice friends and going out on the town to showing his version of cats through history.


Our favorite episode of the six was when Garfield had to figure out how to get rid of a “bad luck curse”. I don’t want to give too much away, but it was super funny seeing what all he got into!

We had a wonderful time watching the episodes as a family The Garfield Show: A Purr-fect Life DVD was such a great way to bring us all together for a family night and some quality time.

The Garfield Show: A Purr-fect Life DVD is 66 minutes long and can be purchased at many retailers including Walmart and Target. The Garfield Show: A Purr-fect Life retails for $14.93 and is worth every penny!

Did you watch Garfield as a child? What are your favorite memories of him?

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