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If your skin is longing for hydration and moisturization, then Yves Rocher’s new line Hydra Vegetal is for you! The new Hydra Vegetal line takes hydrating your skin to the next level. With multiple products in this line focusing on maximizing your skins moisture levels, it is perfect for heading into the fall and winter seasons!

I had the amazing chance to review a few of these products and I can tell you they are unbelievably amazing! The products I was so lucky to be able to review were the Hydra Vegetal Hydrating Micellar Water Face & Eyes, Moisture Boost Concentrate and the Fresh Gel Under Eye Bags.

Hydra Vegetal Hydrating Micellar Water Face & Eyes

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The Hydra Vegetal Micellar Water Face & Eyes is a unique way to cleanse your face. This special cleanser not only cleanses away your impurities and make up, but it also tones your skin. This cleanser is developed for normal to combination skin and does a great job of cleaning your face with out over drying your skin. It contains no mineral oil and is also  colorant free, silicone free and paraben-free.

That makes this cleanser perfect for the harsh fall and winter weather coming up, making it a great stocking stuffer or gift for any loved one! I especially love the way this cleanser just glides across your face, very silk-like! Right now you can get this great 2-1 cleanser and toner for only $8.00!

Moisture Boost Concentrate

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The Moisture Boost Concentrate is a deep hydrating treatment for dry skin. Within the first application, I really saw a difference! It moisturizes your skin not just on the top layer, but deep down to help revitalize your skin. I noticed a more radiant skin tone and complexion just by using this for a few days.  It has this fresh texture to the serum which really is great way to start your morning or end your day. Scientific results concluded that the average increase in hydration of  skin was 104% just after 30 minutes of using this product on 22 participants! You can get the Moisture Boost Concentrate treatment for $21 on the Yves Rocher online store.

Fresh Gel Under Eye Bags

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The Fresh Gel Under Eye Bags treatment has been a God send product for me! This amazing gel product fades your under eye bags and illuminates your eyes.  I love using this product in the mornings when I have tossed and turned all night and have these ugly, saggy bags under my eyes. (You know, the ones that make you want to turn right around and go back to bed.) This miracle gel helps lighten eyes with it’s cool texture and helps moisturize your eyes to bring those saggy bags to a halt. This product is also paraben free, silicone free and contains no mineral oil! You can get this product at the Yves Rocher online store for only $13.80.

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