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On our Summer Vacay with Savvy K summer vacation, we had the privilege of reviewing some of the best headphones I have ever owned, FRENDS headphones. These amazing headphones weren’t only a hit with me, but with my whole family! The headphones we were sent for review were the Taylor Gold Headphones, Layla Rose Gold Headphones, Layla Silver Headphones, and the Light Premium Denim Headphones.

Taylor Gold Headphones

The Taylor gold Headphones have some amazing features that include…

1. Jewelry inspired design
2. Genuine leather & hand crafted metal
3. Soft touch fabric cord
4. Three button mic with volume, music + phone control
5. Memory foam ear cushions
6. Premium 40mm driver
7. Zippered carrying case

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The Taylor Gold Headphones are not only made to give a quality sound, but they are gorgeous! The gold embellishment on the outside is beautiful and flawless. The leather is also great quality, very soft and comfortable. Inside the leather ear pieces are memory foam which just surround my ears in comfort.

My favorite thing about the headphones though has to be the sound. Unbelievable.   I seriously only have to turn up the volume to 3/4 and every sound in the room is cancelled out. My fiance and I tested this a few days ago and he was literally yelling 2 feet away from me and I couldn’t hear a peep. These are perfect for any mother wanting a bit of alone time with a house full of kids!

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The three touch volume system works with many Apple products including the Iphone, Ipad and Ipod touch. I love this simple system when I am running and working out because I don’t have to reach down to my Iphone, unlock and volume down or up my music. It is simply right there at my fingertips. The middle button also pauses your music with out having to go through all of the hassle of unlocking your phone or Ipod as well. Such a great feature! Also, it has a built in mic that is perfect for your Iphone! Another great reason to love these headphones.

Oh, I should also mention that the three touch system also works while watching a movie on your Ipad or in Netflix! I love that I can pause the move with just one touch. It is especially great when I have my Ipad standing on it’s side while watching a movie because the side it is standing on is the side with the volume control.

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The Taylor Gold Headphones also fold up into a handy white carrying case! FRENDS doesn’t cut any corners on their products, including this case. The fabric case is very durable and machine washable. It is perfect to protect your headphones from getting scratched, especially in a gym bag or while traveling like us! The Taylor Headphones retail for $199 and you can get them at a variety of locations such as Best Buy and Nordstrom. Of course, you can also buy them in the FRENDS online store as well!

Layla Silver and Rose Gold Headphones

The Layla headphone is the little sister of the Taylor headphone. The Layla headphone features include…

1. Jewelry inspired design

2. Genuine leather & hand crafted metal

3. Soft touch fabric cord

4. Three button mic with volume, music + phone control

5. Memory foam ear cushions

6. Premium 30mm driver

7. Zippered carrying case

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The Layla Headphones were perfect for my step daughter and little sister in law.They are just as quality made as the Taylor headphone, just in a miniature size! The sound quality of both headphones are astounding, just as Taylor. You do however have to turn them up a bit louder to drown out other sounds around you. I really loved the Rose Gold and Silver looks to the headphones. The black and silver really give off a business vibe and are unisex for either women or men. The Rose Gold Layla Headphones were just as gorgeous as the Taylor with a very feminine touch.

Both of the Silver and Rose Gold finishes are flawless, but the leather and memory foam ear pieces are even better! The ear pieces are so soft and you can really tell the quality, soft leather is going to last a very long time! The earpieces sit on the ear, instead of over the ear like the Taylor headphones, but are still incredibly comfortable. The kiddos basically wore them for the entire 5 hour car ride,10 hour if you count both ways, and didn’t have one bad thing to say!

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The Layla headphones also fold into a compact zippered carrying case as the Tayor headphones do. The Layla headphones also have the three touch sound remote and mic on the headphones as well. The Layla headphones retail for $149.

The Light Premium Denim Headphones

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The Light Premium Denim Headphones were a very different look from the sleek Layla and Taylor Headphones. While these headphones may have a different style, they still have many of the great FRENDS features. The outside look of these headphones remind me much of the 80s, very retro. The ear pieces are on the ear and are made with the soft, quality leather as the other headphones.  More great features include…

Custom Tuned 40MM Driver
Memory Foam Ear Cushions
3 Button Mic With Volume and Function Control
Tangle-Free Fabric Cord
Durable 90 Degree plug
Low profile + Light
Fully Modular
Apple Certified
Lifetime Warranty


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The Light Premium Denim Headphones do not fold however, but still come with a fabric case. They deliver great sound just as the Taylor headphones with rich bass and sound. I love the fact that I can turn it up to only about 3/4 sound and still block out the sounds around me. My fiance loves this because he loves to play online poker and when he is in the zone, he likes to listen to his music and tune everyone and everything out. He can wear these hours at a time and not even notice me unless I am standing right in front of him. (Which is a bit bitter sweet.)

The best feature of these headphones to me is the headphone ear tap feature. These headphones feature this amazing ear cup tap control where you just tap the right earpiece to control your music or phone! How incredible is that, pause or control your phone with just a tap of the headphone. Of course, it also includes the three touch mic and music control system as well. The Light Premium Denim Headphone retails for $129.


The FRENDS headphones brand are the best headphones I have ever owned. Weather you want to be flashy and fancy with the gold or sleek with the silver or denim, FRENDS headphones has the style to match your personality. Along with the various amazing styles, FRENDS headphones does not slack in the quality department! I really want to try the in-ear, or earbud, headphones they offer! The Ella B gold and silver headphones look amazing as well! If you are looking for a quality sound headphone with style, FRENDS is for you!

Be sure to follow FRENDS on Facebook and Twitter for newest additions and promotions! You don’t want to miss out on any sales or new products in the future!

17 Responses to FRENDS Headphones Review!

  • These sound great! I really need to get me some! I love the denim looking one, I haven’t seen that one yet.

  • Those are gorgeous! I want a pair for everyone in my family! Seriously, I want them so bad! Thanks for sharing!

  • Those look so nice! I need to check them out right now lol. I could really use some nice new headphones.

  • great review .. right to the point nice styles they have wow i need a pair forsure

  • Do they work on other products that aren’t apple? While reading other reviews, they state it was made for apple products. So, does that mean they wouldn’t work on a samsung smartphone or a pc laptop?

    • Hey Sam! That is a great question! The headphones are designed for Apple products in the way they are controlled via the remote control buttons, however they do work on other products. For example, when using them with my Toshiba laptop, while I am able to listen through the headphones, the buttons on the headphones don’t work and I have to adjust the volume and pause the sound from my laptop. They work great sound wise with both Apple and other products, however the button feature works only with Apple products if that helps!

  • Hi! Awesome review, I was wondering which style you prefer/ would suggest; Taylor or Layla?? I’m a college student and plan to wear them around campus but don’t want a giant pair of headphones… from what I see on the website, the Taylor style looks really large but every seems to love it. I’m “iffy” about the Layla because it seems to small haha. Which one is your favorite out of the two/ what would you suggest?

    • Hey Emily! Thank you for reaching out to us! I do love the headphones, both the Taylor and Layla! If you are looking for a more subtle look, I would go with the Layla, however if you would like a bit better sound and an over the ear type I would go with the Taylor! The Taylor has a bit more padding on the top and the ear so I like that, it makes it more comfortable. To me, I don’t mind the size so I love the Taylor, but the Layla is great if you are looking for a smaller headphone. Just keep in mind that it is only a 30mm driver instead of 40mm driver, so the sound will be a bit less quality. I hope that helps!

  • Just saw these on Wendy Williams Christmas show today. Hoda Kotb selected the boxes and these were inside. I liked the way they looked but needed to read someone’s review of them. They sound wonderful and I’m glad to see they come with a mic. So many times, you’re listening to something and you look at your phone and you’ve missed an phone call. But these seem really nice.

    Glad I found this review and photos. Now, I’ll want to get every pair!!! ROTFLOL!!!

  • I just purchased a pair of the Taylor headphones at BestBuy. I was in there to actually buy the Beats by Dre and ended up getting the friends headphones. They were regularly $199.00 , I purchased them for $89.00 a steal. And I absolutely love them. The sound quality is so crisp and clear, and like that they are classy . I plan on buying the black and silver , next time around. And since I do not own a IPhone, I did use them on my Droid Razar Max, and they worked perfectly, I also own an iPad, worked there as well. I will recommend to everyone, what a great product.

  • Hi! I loved your review, not only did it talk about how gorgeous they looked but also the sound quality! I’m planning to buy the Taylor’s but which color do you recommend? The gold/white, rose gold/white, or silver/black? Thanks!(:

    • Hello dear!

      I love all colors, the rose gold/white is my personal favorite. It is a very feminine feel and look. However, if you plan on sharing the headphones the silver/black is a great uni-sex color. It is also good for if you are looking for more of a sleek look rather than a bold, gold look!

      The original gold/white is also gorgeous 🙂 It all depends on your personality and which colors you prefer yourself. Let us know which ones you get and how you like them!

  • Great review! I love these headphones!

  • Wow these are nice. They are like shopping for a stethoscope!! So many pretty colors!! Thanks for the great detailed review!

  • Thank you for the amazing review! I was thinking of getting the Taylor rose gold headphones and I wanted to see detailed review for this product, and this really helped me! I didn’t know that it can fold and there’s going to be a carrying case so I learned a lot from this review. Thank you again for this review. Now I am definitely going to get these on amazon!

  • Hey thanks for taking the time to review. Very helpful!

  • Hey which one is the more comfortable between the taylor and the layla ?

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