Sea World Aquatica Review!

*Disclaimer: I received tickets in exchange for an honest review. Regardless, all opinions are 100% my own. 


This past week while having the chance to review Sea World, we also had the chance to review Aquatica. Aquatica is a Sea World water park within Sea World itself. It has many rides and attractions for your whole family! My step daughter is just over 48″ and she is tall enough to ride everything in the park. Even if you have toddlers or little bitty ones, there are still many attractions they will like as well!

When we first got to the park, we went straight to pick out a locker. We had a lot of stuff that we brought with us – towels, Sea World cups, phones, and more. I was glad that the lockers were big enough to fit everything! After we put everything up in our lockers we headed for the Big Surf Shores which is the wave pool.

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The Big Surf Shores wave pool was huge! The depths range from 6″ deep to 6ft deep so whether your a toddler or adult, you will have fun in this humongous pool. The pool also gives waves that can be up to 5ft tall! We decided to stay towards the front of the pool since my step daughter hasn’t ever been in a wave pool, but she really enjoyed it once they started. (FYI : If you plan to visit soon and have little ones, stay towards the middle. The sides of the pool give bigger and stronger waves from hitting against the side walls.)

The girls loved the pool and the waves, but it was time to try something new at the park! We decided to go look around and try out the Walkabout Waters attraction.


This 3-story water playground is perfect for all ages! Not only did the girls enjoy the waterfalls, water buckets and water pipes, but my fiance and I did too! It was so neat seeing how each of the levels reflect on the lower ones. For example, the third level had pipes that carried water to the second level which had funnels that would carry it to the water guns on the first level. It was really neat! They had many different things to incorporate into your play here and we ended up having a lot of fun. If you have little ones, this is a must for you to see!

After we visited this attraction we headed to the HooRoo run water slides! At this point, I had to put my phone up to be able to ride the rides so I didn’t get a picture, but this water slide was perfect for us! The girls loved it and we ended up riding a few times. For this ride, you can ride solo or in a two person tube. We ended up doing the two person tubes so we could wrap our legs around the girls. Even though you only have to be 42″ to ride, the tubes are pretty big so you will want to wrap your legs around any little ones that may fall through the tubes.

The ride incorporated turns, drops and even waterfalls! If you like water slides, I really suggest you try this one out!


The Sting Ray Falls pictured behind the sign above was an amazing ride that can seat up to 4 people. My step daughter didn’t want to ride this ride, but I had to take a picture and feature it because this ride is so unique! This ride is a mixture of a water slide and an under water adventure where you pass marine life and sting rays. The height requirement for this ride is only 36″.  I wish we were able to ride it, but my step daughter didn’t want to wait in the long line.If you get a chance, please ride this ride for me!


After riding the HooRoo run a few times and going around the park we headed over to grab some grub. In between the HooRoo Run and the Big Surf Shores were two food trucks for pizza and pasta or tacos. Since the trucks were so close to our lockers where I left my purse, we decided to get some pizzas. The food was great and the kids who are normally picky eaters ended up eating their whole pizza which was a great sign. Since there weren’t any tables nearby, we headed up to the Mango Market to refill our drinks and sit down to eat. They had many tables in the shade so I was happy about that!

After eating and feeling full, we decided to go float the Loggerhead Lane which is a lazy river. This 1,200 ft long river is packed with surprises! From squirting tiki heads, waterfalls and bubbling jet streams from under water, you can be sure you won’t be bored on this river.

After floating around a few times around the Loggerheard Lane, we headed over to check out the Cutback Cove and Slippity Dippity.


The Slippity Dippity park picutred above is a great park for the little ones. Similar to the Walkabout Waters, this park has many pipes, water spouts and buckets for little ones to be interactie with. Towards the back are even a few small water slides the kids can go down.

The Cutback Cove was also great. If you are looking for more of a swimming pool like experience, this is it. It is perfect for kids a little older to play in with a corkscrew water slide, no tubes required, waterfalls and lounge chairs if you want to sun bathe. We hung out here for a good while until it was time to leave.

If you get the chance to experience Sea World, you must get tickets to experience Aquatica as well! You definitely will enjoy the amazing water rides and attractions. Plus, it is the perfect place to stay cool while waiting for any Sea World shows!

I hope you enjoyed our trip and all of our reviews! Be sure to check out our Sea World review if you haven’t yet!

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