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If you read my Krimson Klover review a while back, you would know that I am in love with their knit clothing. They have such a unique style of clothing items and take pride in their quality.

Krimson Klover has some amazing feminine and colorful items for the summer season. Their newest line of products incorporate so many colors like green, coral, reds, yellows and blues! I love their variety of clothing and how each product is made with genuine quality. The two items I received for this review and to take with us on vacation next week are the Mayflower pullover and Weekender open cardigan.


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The Mayflower pullover is such a great vibrant coral color. Even though it is long sleeve, I love the idea of this pullover for the pool over your bathing suit. It also would be the perfect piece to transform a tank top and shorts look from being outside all day into a nice dinner outfit! Just throw this baby over your tank top and add some statement jewelry. You could even add some strappy sandals as well! Not only will this piece transfer your look from day to night, but it also will transfer seasons. This pullover will be perfect for Texas fall weather!



The Weekender is the perfect lightweight open cardigan for any trip. Anywhere you go, weather it be Bora Bora or San Antonio like us, you are sure to encounter a freezing cold indoor store, hotel or dining facility. I always forget to bring a jacket on summer trips for places like that. With the Weekender in hand, I will be sure not to have that problem again! Plus, it is so gorgeous with the pinks, greys and yellow colors that will be sure to transfer into fall. It also has a lightweight belt you can use to tie the cardigan closed as well.

(Krimson Klover items run true to size, so don’t worry about ordering the wrong size!)

Be sure to check out these pretty pieces in our Summer Vacay with Savvy K series next week! You won’t want to miss how I accessorize and wear them!

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