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Are your dogs spoiled rotten like mine? I swear, my dogs get more products in the mail than I do! (They even take over our pillows at night.) With my love for subscription boxes, Pawalla was one that I just had to review. I have heard so many great things from this company and I really wanted to be able to try them out for myself – err, I mean for my dogs.


Pawalla is a subscription box company that sends your a box full of goodies for your cat or dog. The company has two box subscriptions, the Deluxe and Mini. The Deluxe box sells for $30 a month and the Mini box sells for $20. The difference between the two is that the Deluxe box includes  few more full size products including wet food, which the mini doesn’t come with.

Pawalla also now carries the nation’s top boutique pet brands! These brands once only found in local pet boutiques are now available on the Pawalla Shop if you opt to buy the products instead of the subscription. Also, all of the Pawalla products are all natural or organic and anything that you receive in your Pawalla box can be purchased in the shop! So if you come to love something in your box and your dog is craving more, just head to the shop to buy more!

We had the chance to review the Deluxe box. In the Deluxe box we got 2 cans of  wet dog food, 3 bags of treats , 1 toy and 1 pet cleaning item for 7 items total. The two cans of dog food we got were Nutrisca Turkey and Chickpea Stew and Evanger’s Organics Cooked Chicken. My dogs loved both, but they always love wet dog food. We in the house call it “nom-noms” and they just come running if they even think that is what you said! They gobbled up each can without a crumb to spare.

pawalla collage

The 3 bags of treats that were included were the Emerald Canine Duck Treats with Blueberry, YoPup Happy Belly, and Wigzi Stuff n’ Crunch Peanut Butter Flavored. The YoPup treats were so unique! They were little bone shaped biscuits drizzled in yogurt. Perfect healthy treats for your pups! I also loved the Emerald Canine Duck Treats with Blueberry! How gourmet do those treats sound! Duck and blueberry for dogs? So chic! They are made from more than 70% duck meat which was so cool to know! they are also grain, dairy and soy free – something I really look for in dog treats.

The PushClean Pet Towelettes are going to be perfect for the summer! Whenever we take out the dogs even for just a few minutes to go potty, they always come in smelling like sweaty, dirty dogs. The heat here in Texas is just a killer and along with their thick fur, the dogs really stink. These towelettes are perfect to whip out and wipe down the dogs when they come back inside.

The American Dog Toy Glow Ball is really neat! I like that it glows in the dark and my Ranger Danger really took to it! He won’t let anyone touch it or take it. If you say “ball” he will immediately go get it. It really is a great toy!

Overall, the Pawalla is so worth it! If you have the extra cash to spare to get a box, even the mini box, do it! You won’t be disappointed!

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