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Beauty Stop Online Self Tanner Review!


So how many of you dread showing your legs when they are white as a ghost? I am definitely one of them! Since it is now warmer weather and time to wear shorts and tanks, I really needed to get rid of my ghostly appearance. I used to go to the tanning bed all the time. However, I recently gave it up because it is just so costly and time consuming. Why would you want to plan your day around making sure you have time to go to the tanning salon? That is what I dreaded the most.

That is when I decided to try self tanners. I have used the lotion self tanner before and I always seemed to be streaky, no matter what. I could not get it right! So, I looked into the Beauty Stop Online self tanning choices and was lucky enough to review a few!

I had the chance to review the Body Drench Quick Tan Sunless Tanning Mist and the Fake Bake Flawless Self Tanning Liquid.


flawless 1

The Fake Bake Flawless Self Tanning liquid was my favorite out of the two! To be honest, I have already bought two more bottles since I reviewed this! This kit includes 1 6fl oz bottle of tanning liquid, 1 spray pump, 1 set of disposable gloves and a tanning mitt. What I loved about this product is it is so different from any other tanners. It is a spray liquid that you apply to the mitt and then apply to your leg. By doing this, you ensure that there will be absolutely no streaks.

At first when the product was applied, it was a bit dark. However this is because there is a guide color that helps you see which spots you have missed. The guide color washes off the next time you shower. If you sleep in this product, make sure that you are aware that this will rub on your sheets. It doesn’t stain though, it washes right out.

Honestly, after one time I noticed a huge difference. Since I am used to having that dark and deep tan, I use this every other day. If you are looking for more color than tan, you could get away with just using this twice a week. Also, when this product starts to fade, I have seen a very even fade. Most tanning products start to fade in the inner elbows and knees the most. With this product it really fades evenly. The color this product gives you is a natural tan as well, not at all orange or majorly bronze.

(Picture before and after using Fake Bake Flawless)

flawless 2

After this product started to fade out over the next few weeks I tried the Body Drench Quick Tan Self Tanning Mist. Honestly, I love the Fake Bake so much that this product is hard to compare, but I do like it. It does not come with a mitt, which is mostly why I love the Fake Bake. Since there is no mitt, you need to make sure you spray this tan evenly. My fiance had to get my upper back because it was hard to do so.

With this tanning product I did notice it dried me out much more than the Fake Bake, but it gave a really nice color. It is not “orangey” or dark bronze in color. A very natural tan is more what I would say. The Fake Bake gave the instant color because of the guide color and this one is more of a build up over a few times. This product lasted for me about 5-7 days after the initial 3 day spray build up. So time wise, it lasts a bit longer than the Fake Bake but it takes a few times to build up the color to what you would like.

I did notice more of a patchy fade in this product more than the other, probably because your spraying it on rather than buffing it into your skin. Since it is spraying, you may spray more of one area than the other, which causes uneven fading.

quick tan

Overall, both products from Beauty Stop Online will give you a great, natural tan for this summer without the harmful effects of sun bed tanning or sun tanning. I have definitely been continuing using these products this summer and can’t wait to show off my tan during the Summer Vacay with Savvy K series!

Have you tried self tanners? What are your thoughts about them?

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  • I only use self tanners on my legs at the beginning of summer…i do not like the orangey look the self tanners cause. sounds as if this product doesnt give that though! thanks for the review

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