Purelementnaturals Defend Organic Argan Oil Review!

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I am in love with Argan oil ever since I had tried a tiny sample a few months ago in a subscription box. So when I had the chance to review the wonderful Defend Organic Argan Oil from Purelementnaturals I was so excited!

Purelementnautrals is a company that is dedicated to bringing it’s customers all organic skincare products that are perfect for any woman! They provide simple and organic skincare products that are good for the body and soul. They use not only the best essential oils for your skin, but also toxin-free ingredients that will not harm your body! For someone like me that is acne prone and have oily skin, this company is a dream come true!


The Defend Organic Argan Oil moisturizer is like heaven just drenched all over your face!  This little miracle worker does wonders for your skin! Even if you have oily skin like me, Argan oil has so many benefits that even can reduce the oily complexion of your face! See, I thought that adding oil to oil would just be havoc on my skin. However, it is the complete opposite! When you are giving your face the essential oils your body is craving for, it actually reduces the oil that it produces. Which, in turn, will reduce the oily complexion of your face and have your body produce less! How amazing is that!

The Defend Organic Argan Oil has not only helped my skin produce less oil, but it has made it luxuriously soft and smooth! I have also noticed a reduction in the acne scars on my face! I also have heard that it can help with wrinkles and age spots. While I can’t testify to this because I have neither of these, I would not put it behind this product to help those too!  Also, this Defend product can be used on your body and hair as well! Have itchy skin or dry hair? Try Defend to restore your natural beauty!

You can purchase the Defend Argan Oil from Purelementnaturals for only $48 for a full 1.7oz bottle!

Have you ever tried Argan oil in the past? How did you like it?

Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for an honest review. Regardless all opinions are my own and may or may not differ from your own.

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