Sally Hansen Review – Nail Polish, Gel Polish, Salon Effects Strips and More!

sally hansen

Do you love Sally Hansen polish? Sally Hansen is like the ultimate beauty brand when it comes to nail polish and nail care products! Not only do they have amazing nail polishes and strips, but they also have come out with some great body products such as the Airbrush Legs lotion! When I am out and about looking for a new polish to add to my collection, you can be sure it will be a Sally Hansen! So you know when I got the chance to review some of the great products from them,  I was as giddy as a school girl who just been asked to prom!

First off, I want to talk to you guys about the Airbrush Legs lotion. Now, I have seen this at the store in the can, but they just came out with a new lotion form! This lotion is my go to when I want to look good out and about in shorts! It gives this great finish o my legs and hides almost every imperfection! All the small scars from razor nicks vanish in the blink of an eye! It comes in 4 great shades to match any skin tone for flawless, tan skin. For me, I have really dark hair. After shaving my legs, I can still see the dark pores from my hair follicles as you can see in the picture. I used the Light shade and applied to the left leg. What a difference! The best part? It is water-resistant! I will definitely be bringing this on our summer vacation to Sea World! I need those tan legs next to the pool!


The next Sally Hansen product I want to rave about is the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips. These strips are a go to of mine when I am in a time crunch but don’t want to go out dare I say it, bare nailed. *Gasp* These quick, no dry time strips are so easy to apply to your nail, I did a whole hand in like 5 min.! Just apply the strip to your nail, press down to stick, than trim the excess. In 10 min. I was completely done with not drying. I was able to get dressed and do my hair with out the worry of smudging a nail. Don’t you hate that? When everything is just perfect then *BAM* you smudge. It ruins my whole day! That is why Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Strips will be my go to product for quick, beautiful nails!

salon effects 3

(Strip Colors from Left to Right. Top Row: French Mani 001 Pink Macaroon, French Mani 003 Gold Cabaret, French Mani 007 French Twist, 05 Pink A Prize, 335 Sweet Marble Floret. Bottom Row: 550 Tweed-Le Dee, 2x- 375 Out Of Line, 07 Tight Rope, 03 Can’t Be Tamed. Pictured: 385 Mane Event)

Now when you think of Sally Hansen, your first thought is nail polish right? Sally Hansen has some of the best nail polishes I have ever owned and used so you know the new Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure polish does not disappoint! These stunning polishes are full of color and sparkle! This great polish combines a base coat, strengthener, growth treatment, salon-inspired color, top coat, chip-resistance and a gel finish all in 1 bottle! How amazing is that! I also love that the polishes have a wide, flat brush. It is so much easier to use! The colors are great, but I do admit – I have to do about 3 coats of polish to get the  desired color I love. I will gladly add the extra coats of polish for these amazing colors! With the base coat and top coat built-in the polish, I easily get 2 weeks with no chips! Which is very hard for me to do because I am always working with my hands!

Just recently I decided to do my nails in the blue Mermaid’s Tale for Autism Awareness Month! Paint those nails blue for the cause! Be sure to post your pictures on our Facebook so we can check them out!

salon manicure 4

(Nail Polish Colors Left to Right: Top Row – Please Sea Me, Pink A Card, Arm Candy, Gray-T Escape, Jaded, Plums The Word, Rosy Outlook. Bottom Row – Mermaid’s Tale, 2x- Snow Globe, 2x – Gilty Party)

Truth be told, most of my polishes are from this next Sally Hansen collection. I have a very hard time painting my nails and I always find a way to smudge them somehow. That is why I am in love with the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Fast Dry Nail Polish. These colors are big and bold! With just one coat, you have amazing color and shine! Plus, they dry so quickly that it is very hard to smudge them! This collection has so many vibrant, bold colors that makes them perfect for summer! We ended up having a spa day where my sister-in-law and step daughter chose to paint their nails. Usually I would paint their nails for them

instadri 5

(Nail Polish Color from Left to Right: 440 Mint Sprint, 210 Presto Pink, 250 Lightening, 260 Sonic Boom)

insta dri 5

I know you have seen these amazing Sally Hansen Gel Polish kits at your store, so let me just tell you now they are worth it! Get it now while you still have a chance! The Sally Hansen Salon Gel Polish Starter Kit and the Sally Hansen Salon Intsa-Gel Strips Starter Kit are the most innovative product I have ever seen! They are the perfect solution to a gel manicure right in your own home! The Salon Gel Polish Starter Kit comes with a 6 watt LED Lamp 4ml gel base coat, 7ml gel nail color, 4ml gel top coat, 10 nail cleanser pads, 60ml acetone remover, cuticle stick, file and buffer! I reviewed the amazing color 40298 Shell We Dance. This beautiful pale pink is gorgeous on anyone and perfect for any outfit! Yes, this kit is a bit expensive – Amazon retails for $56.95 and Walmart for $64.97 but don’t let that stop you! Each Kit gets up to 10 salon gel manicures that last up to 2 weeks! That is 20 weeks or 5 months of gel nails! My salon easily charges the same price for gel nails at their salon for just 1 appointment! Plus going back in for fills can get really costly and timely! Refills also are quite cheap so once you have the starter kit, you can get any color refill and refill packs of the base and top coat for under 20 bucks!

If you love the nail strips and how quick and easy they are, then the Salon Insta-Gel Strips Starter Kit is for you! This only comes with one set of strips that lasts 2 weeks, but it is significantly less than the polish kit. This kit retails for $27.97 at Walmart and strip refills are about $13. The best thing about the strips are the amazing designs you can add to your nails! My favorite being the Amazing Lace! The polish strips I got to review were the 40296 Red My Lips. This vibrant red is spectacular and has this amazing shine due to the gel top goat and LED Lamp. Once you have the kit itself, it’s like paying $13 for a gel manicure! How can anyone not love that!

gel polish 3

What Sally Hansen polish is your favorite? Have your tried the new Gel Polish kits?!

Disclaimer: I received these products in exchange for my honest review. Regardless all opinions are my own and may differ from yours!

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