Flat Iron Experts – Babyliss Pro Hot Rollers Review!

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My hair and I have a love-hate relationship. I am sure most of you have the same type of relationship too. I love my hair because it is very healthy and is easy to manage because it is very straight. (That is where my Indian comes into play.) Although I love that I can basically let it air dry and everything be ok. The down side to my hair is that it just will not hold a curl. I have tried multiple hair sprays and curling irons and my hair literally falls after 15min. I suppose it may be from the weight of my hair but it never seems to hold :/

I was sent the Babyliss Pro Ceramic Hot Rollers from Flat Iron Experts for review. First of all,  Flat Iron Experts is an amazing website that has all of your hair and beauty needs! Not only do they have the best hair tools, but they even have beauty items such as makeup and nail polish!

hot rollers set


Now me never have trying out hair rollers before and wanting that curly hair I have dreamed about, I HAD to try out the #1 recommended best hot roller set! The Babyliss Pro comes with 30 rollers at various sizes along with 15 of the clips shown above.  Flat Iron Experts also sent me 15 extra clips for the review along with the hot rollers. The set retails for $145.95 with the extra clips, or $129.95 without. I figure this is just a small price to pay for having the best of the best hot rollers! Especially if you don’t have any curl in your hair, this set works amazingly! Also don’t forget, Flat Iron Experts have a 1-month 100% money back guarantee! Try out the Babyliss Pro Ceramic Hot Rollers for a month and if they aren’t up to par for you, which I know they will be, they will not hesitate to give you your money back!

The Babyliss Pro hot rollers set can be set to two different temperatures, high or low. The hot rollers sizes and count are also as followed -8 jumbo, 8 large, 8 medium, 6 small. What I really loved about this set is that the hot rollers can stand upright or laying down. Perfect for small apartments like mine where every inch of space is needed! It also comes with a 1-year warranty!

hot rollers before

 With the Babyliss Pro Ceramic Hot Rollers I was able to get a long lasting hold for about 4-5 hours! That is amazing for my hair! If you have hair that curls easily, I know that this bad boy will keep those locks curly all day long! First I split my hair in half and rolled the bottom up. Next I continued parting my hair in sections until I got to the top crown of my hair. For these three sections I used three larger rollers to roll up my hair away from my face to give it volume. When going through YouTube tutorials I found others leaving their hair rollers in for 20-30 min. so the curls could set. I however waited an hour. I had the time to spare and I really wanted some nice looking curls!

As you can see below, you can tell the before and after pictures are a tremendous change! I was able to get beautiful curls without them falling!

before and after hot rollers

Have you had experience with hot rollers? Do you prefer a curling iron over hot rollers?


Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for an honest review, regardless all opinions are my own and may or may not differ from yours!

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