Yves Rocher Culture Bio with Organic Aloe Vera Review!

Like I have said before, I love Yves Rocher! They are one of my favorite skin care and cosmetic companies that I have bought from for many years! I was ecstatic when they allowed me to review their new Culture Bio with Organic Aloe Vera Line!

The New Culture Bio line is made with organic lovers in mind. Released in Feb. 2013, this new line as 0% parabens, dyes and mineral oils. It is made out of 98% natural ingredients and certified organic by Ecocert. With the great textures, natural perfumes and optimal performance in mind, Yves Rocher has created a line that is sure to please everyone – even if you aren’t an organic buff!

The Yves Rocher Culture Bio bath products were the first things I tried. The Culture Bio Refreshing Gel Cleanser with Organic Aloe Vera facial wash worked great! It removed my make up with great ease! It was very pure using unscented Micellar Gel and I loved that I was not adding and perfumes or dyes to my face! With me being very acne prone, I am very cautious with what goes on my face. On a study carried for 4 weeks by 26 women – it was shown to remove 100% of make up and impurities! Now that is some kind of clean! The Refreshing Gel Cleanser retails for $18.00 for a 6.7fl oz bottle, but right now you can get it for only $10 on their website!

The Culture Bio Fresh Shower Gel with Organic Aloe Vera was also quite a surprise! I loved the clean feeling I felt after using this product, not the sticky film some body washes leave behind. With the soothing aloe vera gel that is combined with the soap, it really helps soothe the skin and leave it moisturized and super soft! After 3 weeks and testing on 48 women, 96% of the women felt that it gave them gentle, clean skin! For a 6.7fl oz bottle, it retails for only $4.00! Now that is a savvy buy!

The Yves Rocher Culture Bio Stay Fresh Deodorant with Organic Aloe Vera is gentle, soothing formula made to help protect you from feeling protected! Just like all of the other products in this line, it is organic and uses no aluminium salts. For me, the deodorant had the most smell out of all the products with a very slight perfume scent rather than no scent at all. It went on invisibly for me and it will be perfect for travel! I love that it is a roll on and is packaged so uniquely! This 1.6fl oz container retails for $4.50 on the Yves Rocher website.

The Yves Rocher Culture Bio Moisturizing Body Lotion with Organic Aloe Vera was one of my favorite products from this line! With a lotion that has Aloe Vera in its name, how can it not be great? Paired with Almond and Sesame oils and calming Witch Hazel water, this lotion is the perfect blend of moisturizing ingredients to keep you supple all day long! It has this great creamy texture that really absorbs into your skin quickly to give you quick moisture. This 6.7oz bottle retails for $18.00, but right now you can get in on their website for only $10.00!

And last but not least, the Culture Bio Velvety Facial Moisturizer with Organic Aloe Vera. Now this facial moisturizer is something that I have used everyday since receiving this. Being an oily skin type, I am very specific on the moisturizers I use. I need something that is not going to put a ton of different things on my face. This is just the perfect moisturizer I needed! It is important to moisturize everyday, even if you are a bit of an oil face like me. Also, if you have dry skin – this is clinically proven to make your face 2x hydrated after just 15 minutes! The Velvety Facial Moisturizer retails for $29.00 but right now you can get it for $16.00 on their website!

Some of these great deals from Yves Rocher won’t last long so if you are excited and want to try them! This line gets 5 stars from me! Great pricing + amazing products = savvy deal!

Which product are you looking to try?

Disclaimer: I received these products in exchange for an honest review. Regardless, all opinions are my own and may or may not differ from yours!

8 Responses to Yves Rocher Culture Bio with Organic Aloe Vera Review!

  • I really wanna try this, I need a new brand of deodorant anyways! and this looks right on key!

  • this is great i need to try this

  • I have this too and I have yet to try them but from your review, it looks like it’s a great product! I will try it soon!

  • I would LOVE to try them!!

  • How do you use the make up remover? I just got it and there are no directions on the bottle. Do I rinse my face with water or wipe it with a cotton ball?

  • Sorry I just found the info on the yves rocher website. No rinsing, just drop it on the cotton ball and wipe your face. Easy!

    • Hello Olivia! I actually didn’t get to try the makeup remover but heard it works great! I am so glad you found the answer on their website, they are so detailed with the products! How did you like the makeup remover?

  • I have pretty sensitive skin and have never had any negative reactions to Made from Earth’s Aloe Vera Lotion. I put it on once a day and the moisture just lasts. Within a minute my skin completely absorbs the Made from Earth lotion. It has a very smooth texture and never leaves me feeling sticky or overly greasy like some other brands.
    I find it highly refreshing on sunburns or on other days that I have spent outside in the elements.

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