Flirty Aprons Review!

I love always looking cute and sassy where ever I am at! So of course I have to carry that into the kitchen as well! I love the idea of Flirty Aprons! They have the most wonderful cute and flirty aprons for you to look adorable in the kitchen! Whether you are whipping up a 5 course meal or reheating left overs, you will look absolutely darling in these aprons!

One thing I really loved about the Flirty Aprons website were that there were so many different types of Women’s Aprons! They have numerous styles and designs for any women! This is great because some women love a classic style while others may prefer something a bit more adventerous, like the Zebra Apron! They even have aprons for men and children! How cute would it be to have matching mom and daughter aprons!

The apron that I had the chance to review was the Original Chic Pink Apron. The first thing I noticed when opening it was that it is a really good size! The ribbon from the neck and the ribbon on the middle area are really great lengths which is great for any woman. It was a bit stiff from the packaging, so I put it in the wash with a bit of fabric softener and it really made a difference! I loved the print on this apron. It is cute, but not overloaded and trying to hard. It has a great contrast from the pink and the black, but I do wish the pink was a bit brighter. As you can see, the picture is much more vibrant than the actual apron.

For all you ladies out there who have men that love your cooking, he will also love you cooking in this apron! The first thing my fiance did when he got home is tell me “how cute I looked in my little apron”. haha. He really loved the whole “homemaker” look, but upscaled. 

Overall, I would give this apron 4.5 out of 5 stars! Ranging from $28-$35, these aprons would be a great gift for any women, or even man or child. I really want to get a matching apron for my step daughter as I know she would adore it! She loves to help in the kitchen!

What Flirty Apron is your favorite?

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