Zulu the Zebra Zoobies Blanket Pet Review!

Stuffed animals are the most collectible toy Alyssa, my stepdaughter, loves to collect. From dogs and cats to bears and rabbits, we have them all. Lately, she has been obsessing about the pillow pets and the stuffed animals that are more than just a stuffed toy. She was ecstatic that we were able to review the Zoobies Blanket Pet, especially in her favorite animal – Zebra!

Zoobies is a wonderful toy company that makes new and innovating companions for your little ones. They have a “Three C’s Mission” statement on their site that refers to Convertible, Comfort, and Conveience. Of course, every stuffed animal they make has the innovative technology to transform into something else! Whether it be a duffel bag from their Duffel Dogs, a sleeping bag from their Slumber Pets, or the blanket from the Blanket Pets we reviewed, Zoobies toys are created with imagination and love! They are also perfect to travel with!

Zulu the Zebra is one of the many Blanket Pets that Zoobies has to offer. Of course, my step daughter is in the “animal print” phase like the rest of the world so Zulu was her number one pick! Zulu the Zebra measures L: 22″ x W: 7″ x H: 13″. Not to big, but not to small. He is perfect to travel with!  There is a large, super-soft coral fleece blanket zipped inside that measures 44″ x 34″. Of course, to any adult this would be very small- but to a child, it is perfect! Zoobies Blanket Pets are made for ages 3+ so it is made just for them!

 Zulu looks just like a Zebra but with a cute little twist- he has a blanket inside! He can be a cuddly stuffed animal, a pillow when the velco straps are not together, or a floppy companion that keeps you warm with his blanket! I loved the details of Zulu. He comes with the cutest little blue color that says “Zoobies” on it. His stripes are also very unique- not the typical zebra stripe. It is more of a swirly stripe that really makes this zebra cool and funky! His nose is even filled with microbeads and has a soft, sleek feel! Every inch of this Zoobie Blanket Pet has been careful thought out to make him a one of a kind toy!

When you open the velcro tabs he lays flat which makes a perfect pillow for at home nap time or road trips. When you unzip the bottom of him, you can take the blanket out of his stomach. The blanket has a zipper at the end that you can easily keep Zulu attached to it so you don’t lose him! You can always unzip the blanket too if it becomes uncomfortable. Now I know what you are all thinking, how the heck am I supposed to get the blanket back inside him without making him look like a deformed zebra? Well, there is a little tag attached to Zoobie that has the perfect instructions! You just attach the blanket’s zipper, fold the sides into the center, and fold from the end of the blanket up until he fits inside! The first time I tried without the instructions and Zulu really looked like he had eaten some bad zebra food! Once I learned the technique, it was easy-peasy!

My step daughter carries Zulu everywhere, the car, the house and even sometimes on errands! He is a perfect companion for any time, day or night! Zoobies even has two new product lines coming out this year- Glow Bugs™ and the Animal Jam™ Sidekix! Now I don’t know about your little ones, but the Animal Jam Sidekix are a definite want from my stepdaughter! She loves that they have their own little online pet world you can interact with!

 Now I know you can’t wait to get your hands on one of these Blanket Pets! You can buy them on the Zoobies online store and if you use the code “Parenthood” you get 20% off!! How amazing is that!

Even better, you can win your own Blanket Pet here! Just use the rafflecopter below to enter and be sure to let the Zoobies social media networks that Real Reviews by Savvy K sent you! Which Pet is your favorite?!

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