Get Fit with the Fitbit Zip from RadioShack!

Is loosing weight your New Year’s resolution this year? It most definetly is mine. Every year I tell myself I am going to lose weight and usually I never stick to my New Year’s resolution. I can never motivate myself to keep it up after the first two weeks. Does that seem to happen to you? Work, school, family, and plenty of other things get me off track but this year with the Fitbit Zip I plan to change that!

RadioShack is an amazing store that has everything you need from exercise equipment to the leading tech gadgets! They offer a variety of products and brands for you to choose from for your specific need. For me, I need to keep my New Year’s Resolution and found a simple way to do that. So if you are looking for an easy way to lose weight and manage your exercise, then the Fitbit Zip is for you!

The Fitbit Zip is a fun little gadget that helps you track your weight loss! The Fitbit Zip tracks not only your steps, but your distance, calories burned, and it even keeps time!  Fitbit also syncs up to your computer or iPhone(4s or later)! The online program automatically syncs with you Fibit Zip when your Fitbit Zip is within 20ft from your computer.

The Fitbit Zip program is nothing like I have ever seen before! The program has you put in your weight, height and other information at the beginning. Once you have entered your info, your online program has a dashboard where you can see how many steps you have taken, the distance you have walked/run, and your calories burned. All of these are also featured on the Fitbit Zip as well and you can view each by tapping the Fitbit Zip to switch screens.

What I really love about the online program is that you can program how much weight you want to lose and by a certain date. The program then updates you each day if you are on track or not by setting goals for you to reach each day for you to reach your goal! Another great concept is the food log! I love that because I can log in what types of foods that I eat and the Fitbit Zip online program tells me how many more calories I can eat that day depending on how many calories I have burned for the day so far! I love that! No more subtracting and adding, it does it all for you! Each day you can plug-in your weight to keep track of how you are doing. It also shows you the times throughout the day that you have been the most active! The Fitbit Zip really is a great little gadget that has everything!

Need a support group? Fitbit Zip’s online program has that too! Fitbit Zip’s has over 1000 online groups that you can join to chat with other’s that need to lose weight just like you!

Overall, this little guy is a great gadget to help you conquer your weight loss goals! I can’t wait to keep going and get to my final weight goal!

What was your New Year’s Resolution? If it is to lose weight, do you have trouble staying motivated like me?

12 Responses to Get Fit with the Fitbit Zip from RadioShack!

  • I NEED this!! It would be so great for helping me reach my goals this year (especially for my wedding)! Thank you- I’ll look this one up!

  • Very cool fit tracker! I need something like this, and I love Radio Shack! My first computer ever was a tandy 2000 from radio shack. I still remember playing Commander Keen on it.

  • I honestly haven’t thought about Radio Shack in years but this little device had me excited enough I checked out the link in the review. This really looks like a dummy-proof (cause that’s what I would need) way to track my progress. It’s not in my budget right now but I’ve written it down to check into after we get our taxes back.

  • Wow! this is so awesome! Why have I never heard of this! You always find the most amazing this! I’ll be bugging you to see how well you like it after a couple months. This is just really neat. Love Radio Shack too!

  • this is sumtin i really could use on walking

  • How neat, and looks like a very simple program

  • I didn’t know Radio Shack has those! I’ll have to get me one next time I’m over that way. Especially since I’ve always wondered how many steps I take & calories burned while chasing around my brood all day.

  • That is just the neatest little gizmo – it does all the work for you except the actual walking! Love it! Will definitely be recommending it to my friends! Thanks for sharing and giving great detailed info – I really appreciate the photos so we can SEE what we get!

    Brenda W.

  • what a neat device.If I wasn’t almost to my ideal weight I would should consider a device like this.Thanks for the great review

  • Thanks for the review, I could use one of these myself!

  • How neat! I could really use one of these!

  • That is really cool, I love that it sets up goals for you so you can achieve you desired weight. I wonder if something like this would motivate me!

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