Star Lanterns Paper Star Review!

Living in my small apartment, I am all about home decor and anything to brighten up our little home. Our apartment only has a kitchen light and a ceiling fan light in our back room, so having a little extra lighting in the shape of these cute star lanterns was awesome!  is a wonderful company that sells of course, star lanterns! The lanterns add dimension and color to any space, and are perfect for any small space that needs a little spunk. I loved getting to review a few of these lanterns, the ones that I chose were the Purple Punch, Rani Black, and the Tribal Star Lanterns. Each of these Lanterns are beautiful and really bring a great amount of light while still being very attractive! The lanterns are 24″ wide x 6″ deep so they are not going to be in the way, but they are just big enough to be noticed. 

The Star lanterns were quite simple to put together. I am not the best at handy man work, so if I can do it, I know it has to be easy as pie! First you unwrap the cords from the wrapper and screw in a light bulb to the end. Next, you take the small plastic cage and wrap it around the bulb. This is so the bulb does not come in contact with the paper lantern for safety reasons.

After you have the cage on the light bulb, the next part is opening up the star lantern and putting the light bulb inside. 

First, you have to take the lantern and open it up because they are shipped flat. Next you take the light bulb and put it in the opening of the star. After that, all you have to do is tie the paper star closed. Ta-da! You have a wonderful home decor lamp! 

Below is a video that shows the simple and easy steps to assemble your lantern if you need some more clarification. They really are a very simple  and great way to bring light and a touch of color to any room of your home!


The star lanterns are a wonderful home decor piece that will sure bring some spunk and uniqueness to your home! The star lanterns are $7.75 and the cords are a separate cost at $6.00. I do wish the star lanterns came with the cords with out a separate cost, but it is worth it to have one of these beauties! To purchase one of these you can go HERE to check out the star lanterns collection!

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